The members of our Outreach group lead the congregation's support of charities, both local and international, while responding to requests for aid in emergency situations.

In 2011 we at Kirk of the Holy Rood celebrated 50 years of worship and witness. It was decided to remember this event by supporting a project with a view to maintaining contact over an extended period. We chose to support the United Mission to Nepal. They have used our donations in various ways to help remote communities to improve their living conditions. The congregation receive information about the work being done and recently were pleased to have a visit from the UMN Director, Mark Galpin.

Each year we have three main appeals. At Easter 2019 we contributed £750 to the work of the United Mission to Nepal. Our Harvest Thanksgiving gift in 2019 was for The Smile Train and we were able to send £560 to them. The offerings at our Remembrance Service totalled £341 for Poppy Scotland. At Christmas we raised funds for The Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health. The gifts donated in December were given to local children.

Since the Falkirk Foodbank was been established, the congregation have responded magnificently each month by donating foodstuffs by the carload to help provide emergency supplies for local families in need.

The members of Outreach much appreciate the generosity of the congregation in supporting these appeals. At Easter, Harvest and Christmas we have the pleasure of hosting occasions when there is an opportunity to say Thank You to all.